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Pistol Range


Outdoor Range

12 Shooting Lanes

10 to 25 Yards

Steel & Paper

Holster Work


Targets & Ammo Available

RSO Supervision Daily

Firearms Safety Orientation


General Information

Knowledge Is Key

FishHawk Sporting Clays Pistol Range
FishHawk Sporting Clays Pistol Range


First-time shooters at our Pistol Range must be given a Firearms Safety Orientation from one of our Range Safety Officers.


Brass ammunition ONLY permitted on the pistol range.


RSO's will slowly walk inexperienced shooters through the pistol range process.


You can shoot - Handguns and Pistol caliber Carbines:  Any common handgun caliber, and pistol caliber carbines.


You can shoot - Rifles: Any style .22lr, and small caliber rifles up to and including .223/5.56 AR-15 and SKS and AK-47 style rifles that chamber 7.62x39 only.


You can shoot - Suppressed and other NFA/Class III (semi-auto mode) (Stamp needed on premises). Firearms: Any of the above calibers can be shot suppressed, however, No full auto, No bump fire, No sustained rapid fire.


Holster work: OWB - Only (Duty belt, Competition holster, Range non-concealed holster). Must be observed and tested by an RSO to determine their competence. 

FishHawk Sporting Clays Pistol Range

Rules & Safety

Safety First