Please Do Whats Best For You!

We are excited to be reopening, and can’t wait to see our customers, we ask that you please use caution and common sense.

We want to encourage our high risk friends to take precautions for themselves. We are not encouraging you to come out if you are high risk. If you need to stay home for your health, PLEASE, Stay home.

Although we are doing our best to clean and sanitize, we won’t be able to guarantee that we are 100% virus free. We do not have enough staff and supplies to sanitize controllers between each customer, therefore, please take it upon yourselves to bring your own sanitizer wipes, alcohol spray, or gloves or sandwich bags (can be used much like a dog poop bag, and turned inside out over controller to cover

the controller. Please remember that to be effective, you would need to bring one bag for each station you plan to visit).

Restrooms will be sanitized multiple times per day, but again, there is no way we can guarantee that we can sanitize between each and every customer use. We just don’t have the staff for that. Please take precautions on your own.

We ask that everyone pitch in to keep themselves as well as our staff safe!

Let's break some clays!

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